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Using Your Mondo Math CD More Effectively

  1. Take turns filling in the blanks for Mondo Matthew during the second half of each song.
  2. Make your chores and car trips more fun by "tuning in" and singing along with Mondo Math Radio".
  3. Lipsync with your favorite "Mondo" characters and get your friends to sing along.
  4. Divide into groups and take turns responding.
  5. Rock out with Mondo Matthew on those rainy days when everyone needs a bright release.
  6. Make your own video! Act out the Mondo Math songs with a group of your friends.
  7. Design a "Mondo" costume for your favorite character.
  8. Write and perform your own math-fact rap or song.
  9. Use rhythm instruments, kazoos, snapping fingers, or handclaps to accompany "Mondo" songs.
  10. Play "Mondo Ball"! Form a circle and toss a bean bag or foam ball to a friend. Whoever catches the ball has to fill in the blank for Mondo Matthew.
  11. Listen to Mondo Math in the car about 15-20 minutes per day. Zero in on a math-fact set per week, then practice with a family member or friend.