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Math Learning Tips

  1. Make Learning Fun! Use incentives (verbal praise, stickers, diplomas, prizes, outings, rewards) and positive reinforcement. This enhances self-esteem and increases the child's self-confidence.
  2. Turn off the television and video games. Children will spend more time using their imagination, reading and playing or practicing an instrument.
  3. Encourage your child to participate in workshops and classes with activities to reinforce learning. Common providers for such workshop/classes are school districts, recreation and park districts, and retail stores.
  4. Use lively and motivational CDs or cassettes (like Mondo Math or Fab Phonics) in the car or home to help auditory learning.
  5. Flashcards, charts, and posters will aid visual learning.
  6. Present simple word problems (written or oral), to enhance critical thinking skills.
  7. Encourage your child to participate in activities such as shopping, meal preparation, arts/crafts, and building. This will help your child see real-life applications of estimation, rounding off, measuring, calculation, comparison, and following directions.
  8. Play games like Math Bingo to keep motivation high.
  9. Set small goals to ensure success and to keep motivation high.
  10. Energize your child by using movement, dance, music and rhythm instruments. This may help kinesthetic learning. Examples: "Mondo (Simon) Says", freeze dancing.
  11. Workbooks, worksheets, puzzles, and word games help your child gain proficiency in written work. Timed tests will help your child become more comfortable in testing situations.