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Mondo Math Multiplication Facts

This Mondo Math CD is an inexpensive, flexible tool for teaching the multiplication tables, and it offers many advantages over the traditional methods of memorization (e.g. flash cards). The "medicine" of memorization is hidden in the "sugar" of catchy rhythms, interesting characters, and funny voices, so repeated listenings are often embraced by the student. The CD is interactive, and can be used in a classroom setting or by an unsupervised individual student.

  • Memorize multiplication tables as you rock & bop to "Mondo Math Radio"
  • Interactive - Each song encourages listener response!
  • Contemporary music and rhythms kids and adults love!
  • Radio Format - You'll want to listen just for the music

To date, over 1000 schools or districts have ordered one or both CDs, and a large number of teachers have chosen to purchase the CDs on their own. One teacher purchased 15 multiplication CDs with the idea of starting a "lending library" for her students.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction   7. The Sunny Sevens Listen
2. The Twos (I'm Countin' On You)   8. The Eights, Mates
3. The Threes For Free Listen   9. Nine Card Shuffle
4. The Fours Evermore   10. Toe Tappin' Tens Listen
5. Transylvania 5-5000   11. The Elevens Everlastin'
6. Six-Gun Boogie Listen   12. Twelve On The Roofski Listen

CD $12.95  Qty       Cassette $10.95  Qty 

While supplies last, we will include a free Mondo Math Multiplication cassette
with every Mondo Math Multiplication C.D. purchased
(no extra shipping or handling charges!)