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Fab Phonics Level 2

We are extremely proud of our FAB PHONICS program: a fun, interactive resource designed to teach decoding skills and foster an enthusiasm for reading. Fab Phonics is a two-set program.

FAB PHONICS has many features which make it an ideal supplementary resource for use in the classroom or for individual use in the home:

  • A fun, interactive resource for improving reading skills, using music, humor and rhythm.
  • AWARD WINNING Program — created by Teachers, Parents, and Musicians.
  • For Grades K-3 or ESL.
  • Download FREE Workbook Pages on this Web site!
  • Newly remastered.
  • For a limited time: A FREE CASSETTE and WORKBOOK included with each FAB PHONICS CD ORDER! (while supplies last).
  • Prices and specification subject to change at any time.

Level 2 includes...

  • consonant blends and digraphs
  • vowel blends and diphthongs
  • silent letters (including silent "E")
  • R-controlled vowels
Table of Contents
1. Fab Phonics Theme Listen
  First a Reader, Then a Leader
  10. Silent Consonant Song Listen
2. Common Consonant Blends
  two letters, two sounds Listen
  11. Silent E Song Listen
3. Consonant Digraphs Listen   12. Silent E Review
4. Digraph Song   13. Vowel Digraph Rhythm Listen
5. Other Digraphs   14. Diphthongs
6. Consonant Review   15. What's That Sound? Listen
7. Common Consonant Blends
  two Letters, one sound Listen
  16. R-Controlled Vowels Listen
8. CK Blend   17. Review of Alternate Reading Tools     Listen
9. Silent Consonant Introduction   18. Fab Phonics Theme (Reprise)

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